The night seems endless. Smoking the too-maniest cigarette with no hope to fall asleep. Good ol' blues and good ol' glass of whiskey. I could get drunk as hell. I know that won't make me any sleepier, but i surely will.

There was a woman (and still she is somewhere, thanks God, not here). There is always a woman in a sleepless night, you know.

Nothing in this world could make her loose her sleep. Either she was sad or she was happy, she slept like a baby. Dreaming of someone else. Either she was happy or she was sad, I could not sleep and lied smoking beside her. Staring at the ceiling. Dreaming there were another women. The one I could sleep with.

It's all the same tonight. No matter where she is and whose shoulder she's lying on, she sleeps like a baby dreaming of some another man, not the one she's with. And I lie smoking drinking staring at ceiling dreaming there were a woman I could sleep with.

It's all the same.

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Downside Up

Do you remember that summer night feeling? Lying on the grass and staring at stars the world turns so you are afraid to fall up into the sky below you. Are you afraid of height? Are you afraid of bottomlessness? Are you afraid of infinity? Don't lie yourself. You'll be afraid lying on the grass on summer night.

Lovers love talking about forever, eternity, infinity... Can two people holding each other's hands really be stronger than that fear? I don't care. I want to share this ecstatic fear with her again and again.

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